воскресенье, 19 июня 2011 г.

Time to make changes

It is not a secret that HTML5 does not have universal format to publish video in the Internet. One of the way is to provide one interface to encode and decode audio/video. A good example is JMS API. Unfortunately the Adobe company does not cooperate so much with the open source community. It is amazing but only a few year ago we saw the good alternative to the Adobe Server. I am talking about RED5 server. One side of this problem are patent wars. We can remember it with MP3, GIF formats. A lot of problems we could avoid having the open interface for any audio/video formats encoding. Seeing on this background the Ffmpeg makes the weather more bright but one specific project can not change it totally. Xuggle is a java open source attempt to provide universal interface to the JNI libraries and as result of this It is tied to the heavy OS libs. To make light RTMP client that transcodes video streams is not easy task.

The main goal of the project to make the one interface on Java to implement encoding video and audio streams.